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Freebox-exporter Telegraf/InfluxDB

Also available on Docker-Hub (https://hub.docker.com/r/uzurka/freebox-telegraf)
This work is based on Telegraf Docker image (https://hub.docker.com/_/telegraf),
And on Bruno78's tuto about setting this up (https://www.nas-forum.com/forum/topic/66394-tuto-monitorer-sa-freebox-revolution/)

My goal is to be configured only with env variables.
The entrypoint checks for the presence of the /usr/local/py/.credentials file. If the file is not present, it will automatically start the registration of the app on the freebox.
In case of this registration fails, run docker exec -it container_name rm /usr/local/py/.credentials and restart the container to rerun the registration

Here's an exemple of what you can get using this container into grafana :


Available Architectures

  • amd64
  • arm64 (aarch64)
  • armv7 (arm)

Common usage

Download docker-compose.yml file and edit it with your informations, then run docker-compose up -d


Exposed Ports

  • 8125 StatsD
  • 8092 UDP
  • 8094 TCP

Environment variables

Environment variable Exemple Usage
TZ CET Set your TimeZone into the container
INFLUXDB_URL http://influxdb_container_hostname:port Set the InfluxDB URL so the container can write metrics into it
INFLUXDB_DATABASE Freebox The name of the database Telegraf will write on
INFLUXDB_SKIP_DATABASE_CREATION True/False True : The database will not attempt to be created by the telegraf container False : The database will be created by the telegraf container, using USERNAME & PASSWORD provided below
INFLUXDB_USERNAME freebox Username for the InfluxDB database
INFLUXDB_PASSWORD MyStrongP@ssw0rd! Password used for the InfluxDB database
TELEGRAF_AGENT_INTERVAL 10s defaults to 10s

Arguments for freebox-exporter python script

This env is quite tricky, as i didn't found another way to get it variabilised, this is just the arguments used for executing the script into telegraf configuration.
Here's the script.py -h, which tells you which arg is used for :

Argument Description
S Get and show switch status
P Get and show switch ports stats
H Get and show system status
D Get and show internal disk usage
L Get and show LAN config
W Get and show wifi usage
I Get and show lan interfaces
X Get and show interfaces hosts
Y Get and show static dhcp
Z Get and show dynamic dhcp
4 Get and show 4G/lte xdsl aggregation counters

The ARGS env come in the telegraf.conf rigt after the command /usr/local/py/freebox-monit.py -, just select metrics you want and add choosen letters to the ARGS var